A somatic intuitive therapy for holistic healing and emotional wellness

with Jessica Garay in Portland, Oregon.




You have been feeling stuck emotionally

You desire more insight into the root causes of your emotional health

You are curious about exploring emotional content held in your body

You want to learn more about how the body and mental health are connected

You are seeking a body based treatment for energetic, emotional & mental wellness

You have plateaued in talk therapy and want to continue deeper into your healing journey


G Ray Method is a holistic and intuitive somatic therapy modality for emotional wellness, energetic & nervous system attunement and mind/body based mental health with an emphasis on wholeness and compassion. Somatic based therapy can help support healing for those impacted by trauma, anxiety, and/or depression as well as assist with nervous system regulation and overall healing. Sessions are a blending of Rubenfeld Synergy Method (a somatic emotional release therapy), Biodynamic Cranial Therapy, and Energy Medicine and Reiki Energy Healing. Herbal medicines are also available for additional therapeutic support. 


In-person sessions are facilitated on a massage table, fully clothed. Online sessions are held on Zoom using distance healing techniques. During sessions we use presence, connection to the body and one's own inner wisdom along with gentle, mindful bodywork to help facilitate an organic and innate healing process. Within this process there is a softening back into a state of restful yet attentive and expansive consciousness. From this state of compassionate listening, you are gently guided and supported in discovering a pathway to a somatic emotional release process that offers a deep unwinding for all aspects of self. In order to move through this process, we often start by talking. Sometimes the time is spent in a kind of somatic education so that one can learn to feel into these held places within the body. When the body and mind are ready, there can be profound insights and information revealed as we venture deeper into this connection with our inner wisdom. Some sessions are quiet, some there is a lot of talking, sometimes there are tears and most times laughter. In the end, we are working on embodying the experience of our wholeness. With this knowledge, the body becomes a potent healing and sacred sanctuary. 


$108 for 1 - 1.5hr 

Solely Reiki Healing or Biodynamic Cranial Therapy are available on request. Please indicate that this is your preference when booking. 

In Person: BOOK HERE

Located at 4529 NE Fremont Street - In-person; masks required, Medical Grade Ionizing Air Filters used during sessions.


Sessions are held via Zoom. Please have a quiet space available to meet online with space to lay down fully.

May this healing offering serve for the benefit of all beings.

May our work together be blessed by the Goddess Mother.

May it serve to open receptivity to Grace, Joy, and Wholeness.





Learn tools for Self-Healing and Emotional Wellness. This class will explore Intuitive Energy Medicine, Reiki Healing, Somatic Therapy, Holistic Emotional Wellness, Spirit Channeling, Spirit Guides, Shadow Work, and more. Limited Space. 4-week sessions meet online on Wednesdays at 4pm. Recordings are available for those who cannot attend live. $145 for all four weeks. Must preregister. December's offering will focus on Intuitive Listening, Aligning with Purpose & the Divine, Self-Compassion, and Personally Curated Self-Care. Next session begins December 2nd, 2020






"As Jessica carefully moves around the body she’s calling me into a body scan meditation and

relatively quickly I could pin-point the source of stress or pin-point a source of lightness, there she asks me to dive into that space and research the subtleties of texture, color, fragrance, or visions. What I didn’t realize until after our sessions together is that she’s really asking that I leap out of limited thinking and into courage. Courage to own my desires; courage to name them, feed them, walk freely among them. I believe, it is inside that desire that our connection to truth resides. And in this practice of listening to the physical sensations it pulls us to listen to the inner voice, the voice of “truth” that asks us to be kind to ourselves, to let go of fears, to balance work and life and intuit trust. This becomes a harmonious and romantic dance between self and spirit. This isn’t a dance that exclusively lasts merely the duration of the session, no, this is the dance of a lifetime."

"YESSSSS! It was so refreshing to get out of my head and into my body and then out of my body and into the vastness of being. Thank you for giving space to listen to our bodies and encouraging and empowering intuitiveness"


"That class (Intuitive Healing Club) was wonderful. In the past I've always had the tough stuff come up to untangle but yesterday was this shining light of hope and a path forward. Answers that I've been looking for but unable to find. Thank you so much for the work you are doing!"


"I felt so much! I was shaking, crying, eyes fluttering, seeing color and shapes and patterns. Consider me a member of the Club"


"This practice meant the world to me."


"The Intuitive Healers Club was amazing. Thank you for channeling this energy and for uniting this vortex."


"It's a whole new joy for me. I had a bunch of psychedelic sacred geometry visions connecting me to the universe. That meditation brought me a rad vision to hold onto. Thank you."


"This woman is power and a smile and is a natural healer." 

"Jessica met me completely with her powerful intuition and her big, open heart, and created a space in which I felt completely held and seen. Her warmth and caring are matched by her openness, presence and skill in reading and moving energy. She is magic and love"



"Your humor and joy are palpable, reminding me to welcome & celebrate each day, each feeling, each pose, no matter what presents itself." 

"Jessica epitomizes love and joy. She always says exactly what I need to hear, in a way that inspires me and makes my heart sing!" 

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Jessica is co-founder of Love Hive Yoga, an educator, a somatic therapist and an intuitive healer. Jessica has been studying yoga since 2001, teaching since 2009, and a holistic healing practitioner since 2016. When working with clients, she uses a combination of energy medicine techniques, Biodynamic Cranial Therapy and Rubenfeld Synergy, a somatic emotional wellness modality, as well as yoga postures and meditation for connecting with the body, and spiritual teachings to awaken the profound healing capacities within every individual. Using this perspective of expansive possibility and awareness as her guide, Jessica believes that all of us have the potential to find deep whole-wellness and joy. 


As a survivor of trauma, Jessica's practice is informed by her own healing process with C-PTSD. As a child, she experienced a instinctual connection to the divine embodied as a guiding force that drew her towards her current path.


My story is much the same as many people. Different characters but same woundings. I used many techniques to survive and eventually landed in Portland, Oregon in 2007. I had been having a particularly hard time re-adjusting to my life after becoming sober and having just returned to the states after living in Latin America. I could not shake this uprising of emotional pain that I was quite literally drowning in. What I didn't know then was that I had C-PTSD and that it had finally risen to a level that could no longer be ignored or managed. I finally sought help and as fate would have it, ending up in the office of a skilled and compassionately nurturing therapist. My healing journey has consisted of regular therapy, a daily dedicated and loving yoga practice, regular body work, energetic healing, psychedelic medicine work, personal spiritual practice, as well as diet, nutrition, life/work balance, lots of time in nature and exercise. I am grateful to say that although I am forever connected to my history, I am no longer held captive by it. I discovered and connected with a wholeness within myself that is so vast, profound, infinite, and worthy that I now know how truly precious, lovable and capable I am.  I have quite literally been reborn. I move in the world now as someone who knows that an infinite expansive connection is possible and that we are all a part of that. Life is still challenging at times but I never doubt that I deserve to feel joy.

And even more,  

that at my essence,





I thank my precious teachers and mentors who have helped shape my path and practice. I owe so much to Deborah Merkle, Todd Jackson, Stacy Darby, Carolyn Fine, Teresa Diaz, Mandy Tigre, Manorama, Dharma Mittra, Jasmine Tarkeshi, and Christina Sell. 

Jessica is a Holistic Wellness Practitioner. She is trained/certified as an E-RYT 500 Yoga Instructor, a Reiki Master Level 3, a Biodynamic Cranial Therapist, Rubenfeld Synergy/Mind Body Therapist, and Herbalism Practitioner. 







5975 SE 52ND AVE



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